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AEM Hiring Guide - How to onboard the right AEM candidate?

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Prashanthi Dass

Business | May 06, 2021

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The ongoing situation is forcing several companies to focus on Digital Experience. This is driving huge demand for CMS platforms like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and related skill sets. This sudden upsurge has put the Talent Acquisition team across the globe under tremendous pressure.

It is important to have an organised and quick hiring process to reach out to the right candidates and get them onboarded. If we spend too much time trying to find the perfect AEM candidate, the right candidate just passes by.

We, at Hashout Software Technologies, are successfully onboarding the right AEM candidates with our simplified hiring process.

How to successfully onboard the right AEM candidate in your organization?

Here is our success story:

Initially when we started on AEM hiring, we planned to explore all the ways of hiring as a trial and error method. So, we had tie-ups with staffing agencies who are specialized in AEM hiring. Also, we got a paid subscription to post the openings on popular job portals. At the same time, we also continued to do head hunting on LinkedIn and post jobs on the company website and LinkedIn page. We extensively utilised the job feature of LinkedIn.

Doing so, we were able to get a large pool of AEM candidates but unable to onboard any of them. When we started to schedule the first round of interview which is the coding round, candidates hardly turned up and even the candidates who appeared for the first round happened to drop off during further rounds. After a couple of months, we started to receive repeated resumes. Infact, the number of repeated resumes was more than the fresh ones. It was that time when we realised then we’re not on the right path.

Need for AEM developers

Understanding the candidates’ mind set, we decided to keep our interview process brief and efficient.

We took a week’s time to get ourselves certified on AEM,read about the market and competitors. We set up a discussion with our AEM team to get a clear picture of their requirements and also received suggestions on AEM hiring.

Ultimate process of AEM Hiring

Under the guidance of AEM Practise Lead we learned about the existence of AEM groups on LinkedIn and decided to set up a paid job posting targeting those AEM groups. We received a welcoming response to our job post and most of the applicants were appropriate to our requirement. Thus, this helped us to successfully reach out to the right candidates.

Once the candidates were shortlisted, a call not more than 15mins was scheduled with them to brief about our company, the interview process and also to analyse their expectations. Furthermore, they were given a walk through about the company's work culture, perks and benefits. This time was used to learn about the candidate's aspiration and motivation better, which helped us to control the drop.

Our success story did not stop here. Currently, we are effectively able to onboard 3 to 5 AEM candidates every month. Our newly onboarded candidates also refer their colleagues who are also looking for a better opportunity. This way we are able to maintain a good pipeline of candidates for onboarding.

Implementing the same strategy with Full Stack Developer

This kind of positive response and interest from them made us decide to implement the same strategy over hiring other positions like Full Stack Developer - an equally challenging position to fill because of its high demand in the market.

It is important to understand that Full Stack Developer’s jobs are not monolithic by nature. They combine unique distributions of talent and expertise depending on a company’s requirement. This combination is also what makes assessing full-stack developers incredibly difficult. Firstly, we try to understand the expectations of the Technical Manager for the position so that we land the perfect candidate for the job and as well as the team.

Rather than us reaching to the candidates we want the right candidates to reach out to us. Full Stack Developers always have the urge to explore new technologies and keep them updated. To approach such candidates, our job description should be challenging with roles & responsibilities clearly defined - first step. Whether they apply for the position on either LinkedIn or the company’s website, we make sure that the hiring team is always on top of it - second step.

On the other hand, it is essential to brief the candidates about the company’s perks and their growth within the company. We always make sure that all the doubts and questions of the candidates are answered clearly before scheduling their interview. Most complex task of hiring is building trust among the candidates, and this way we build trust between the candidates, which encourages them to crack the interview to join our organization.

Besides the fact that the recruiters are responsible for hiring the candidates, also the company’s work culture plays a vital role in hiring. Though the candidates initially check if their role is challenging and if the company is financially stable, they make their decision to accept the offer based on the work culture of the organisation.

“Hashout Software Technologies always gives the utmost importance to the work culture to keep the work space a fun and friendly environment to work and learn."

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