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Content Management System

  • Accelerates website creation and deployment with reusable components.
  • Publish once and deliver at scale with consistent cross channel experiences.
  • Make changes to the website efficient with Experience Fragments.
  • Ensure compliance and collaboration with workflows.
  • Push content into print, apps, social media, and all other platforms through rich APIs.


  • Reuse assets effortlessly with the built in assets panel.
  • Search assets faster with tags and metadata.
  • Ensure governance on branded and copyrighted content.
  • Encourage asset sharing among coworkers, business units and partners and reduce creative costs.


  • Go paperless with light-responsive forms that makes enrolment easy on any channel.
  • Reduce time to completion by pre-filling forms.
  • Improve accuracy with real-time changes to forms based on user input.
  • Save information loss with auto-save.
  • Leverage Forms Workflow automate followup actions.

Insights and Personalization

  • Adobe Analytics - Get more than vanity metrics with customer journey analytics, versatile reporting and predictive intelligence.
  • Adobe Target - Introduce personalization by automatically segmenting visitors and sending them to interesting and relevant content at scale.

Adobe Experience Manager on Cloud

A digital foundation that’s always current, scalable, and accessible.

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Tools & Accelerators

AEM & Salesforce Knowledge Connector

Leverage your Marketing Digital Experience tools and assets to drive a consistent support self-service experience.

Comprehensive Event framework

Advanced event tracking framework that just plugs with your AEM instance to provide marketers the insights they need to improve campaign and product page performance.

Broken Links Checker

Fix broken links before your customer finds them; With this tool, marketers can go from signup to detailed, actionable scan reports in 5 minutes while opting to get the reports on a regular interval.

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