Virtual-The New normal!

Elevate your marketing game and beat the goals with immersive 3D-based virtual experiences across your complete product marketing and support landscape. With all the tools, technologies, and client device capabilities available to deliver an incredible digital experience, now is the time to adapt to NEW NORMAL.


Get Immersive virtual conference setting with all the attributes of a real conference venue under one platform.

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Virtual Experience

  • Work with our specialized 3D rendering partners to visualize a custom experience ground up or bring your own booth design from your past exhibits.
  • Choose a purpose-driven technology stack. Add pre-build capabilities like Document/Video/Link Interactions, Add to Bag, Contact form, Helpbot, Jump to Booth, and Responsive Navigation.
  • Add custom capabilities and interaction that best compliments the purpose of the event.
  • Integrate and launch into Zoom, ON24...etc.
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  • Measure more than vanity metrics with our proprietary customer journey analytics.
  • Create intelligent lead segments based on micro engagement data.
  • Monitor real engagement across the experience and content.
  • Personalize experience based on user segments.
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Embeddable 3D renders for the Web

  • Convert your 2D images, guides, and Brochures to immersive content.
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Landing Page and Onboarding

  • Custom designed built for your brand and theme of your event
  • Mobile-first
  • Built on the highly scalable and modular architecture pattern
  • Focused on driving traffic conversion for your event
  • Branded email templates with direct interaction to all major email clients
  • Personalize trade show experience with form data
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Powerful integrations to ensure the best of all the segments

  • Customer onboarding solutions - CVET.
  • Virtual meeting and session - Zoom, GoTo.
  • Email - SendGrid
  • Video Hosting - Azure Media Library WISTIA, Youtube...etc.
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Enterprise-Grade Hosting, Scaling, and Security

  • Your data will be hosted and managed on Azure or Google Cloud or your enterprise infrastructure by our Certified Cloud Architects.
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Mobile Ready

  • Every experience developed is mobile-ready and can be released as an App.

Our Technology Stack

We rely on a modern and current tech stack to build your industry compliant virtual experience

  • Landing Page - React/Vue.js
  • 3D Model - Three.js/UNITY
  • CDN for Performance
  • Azure Storage Bucket or Similar
  • Azure Email Service or Similar
  • Azure Cosmos DB/MySQL Cloud Service or Similar
  • API: Azure Functions or Similar
  • Data Visualisation: PowerBI, Tableau or Similar

Our offerings

With every signed project you get to work with a dedicated team consisting of a UX Designer, Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Developer and Tester.

We have built award-winning 3D virtual booths with all our OOB capabilities including hosting for a year for as low as 9500 USD.

Customer Story

Want to maximize attendance levels and generate vast numbers of leads?

Let Hashout Tech design and develop your next virtual event